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Graphene Venture’s first regular update contains items about Graphene 2012, personal inspirations, Cambridge definitions and Samsung’s mobile device. Graphene 2012 Two weeks from this day both Grafoid and Vorbeck will take the stage at the second annual European Conference and Exhibition on Graphene coming up in Brussels. Graphene 2012 will get together over 700 companies, … Continue reading

Introducing Vorbeck

Vorbeck Materials Corp. (Vorbeck) first caught my eye in 2011 when I started to look for investment opportunities in the graphene market. Vorbeck is a renowned technology company that currently sells graphene-based conductive ink to the electronic application market. According to its website, it’s also the first and only company to receive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) … Continue reading

Introducing Grafoid

My first post about Grafoid Inc. (Grafoid) is published online on the same day the company’s website officially has been launched. Some might think of this as a coincidence, others may suspect inside information (if only!). I prefer to think of it as ‘a stroke of luck’. Why? My gut feeling tells me the launch of … Continue reading

Graphene Hub: Silicon Valley of the 21st century?

The Manchester Evening News recently reported the news that forty global businesses have held talks with Manchester University about the possibility of locating at the city’s new graphene hub. You can read the full article here: Global giants in talks over graphene hub.

What is graphene?

Here’s a short film produced by the European Graphene-Flagship initiative, introducing graphene in a fun yet highly informative way.