Introducing Grafoid

My first post about Grafoid Inc. (Grafoid) is published online on the same day the company’s website officially has been launched. Some might think of this as a coincidence, others may suspect inside information (if only!). I prefer to think of it as ‘a stroke of luck’. Why? My gut feeling tells me the launch of the website is the beginning of what will be a string of related news items and other public activities in the upcoming months that will be very interesting to cover on this blog.

It also means that from this day on official information about Grafoid now has its own place on the Internet instead of being a side note on the website of Focus Metals (FMS). Nevertheless, the latter is still the place where you can find relevant investor information about the business structure of Grafoid. According to the site, Focus Metals is the lead partner in Grafoid Inc., a private graphene development and patenting company created to research and develop commercial applications and patents from graphene, sourced exclusively from Focus Metals’ Lac Knife, Quebec technology graphite resource.

The ownership structure of Grafoid is as follows: Focus Metals, 40%; Mr. Jeffrey York, 20%; Mr. Gary Economo 20%, and Dr. Gordon Chiu 20%. Both Mr. York and Mr. Economo are members of FMS’ board of directors and Dr. Chiu is an advisor to FMS, so it is obvious there are very strong ties between FMS and Grafoid. For investors this ownership structure means one can already invest in Grafoid via FMS, which is trading publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Index.

One of the things I’m excited about from an investor’s perspective is Grafoid’s aim to set a universal standard for the mass production of graphene for industrial applications. Up until now no details have been made public about this endeavour, but with the upcoming Graphene Conference 2012 taking place in Brussels, now is the perfect time to start keeping a close eye on Grafoid.

The company is a lead sponsor of the conference and Dr. Chiu will give a presentation on Wednesday 11th April during a workshop called Applications. Another exciting development is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Grafoid and Rutgers University AMIPP Advanced Polymer Center to jointly develop graphene technology applications related to both polymer and non-polymer applications.

According to a press release from 1st December 2011, the partnership will initially focus its research on infrastructural, aviation, automotive and other applications. Under the terms of the MOU, Rutgers University commits to providing the research and inter-disciplinary laboratory facilities. Grafoid commits to providing human resources, graphene materials from Focus Metals’ Lac Knife graphite resource, and graphene expertise for research and development purposes.

Up until now there has been a bit of secrecy involved around Grafoid. No official press releases have been made public about any accomplishments the company may have made since starting. Sceptical people might furrow their eyebrows when they hear this, but I myself am very excited to start this blog at a time when the company’s graphene research could be on the cusp of being at the forefront of global recognition…



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