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Graphene Venture’s first regular update contains items about Graphene 2012, personal inspirations, Cambridge definitions and Samsung’s mobile device.

Graphene 2012
Two weeks from this day both Grafoid and Vorbeck will take the stage at the second annual European Conference and Exhibition on Graphene coming up in Brussels. Graphene 2012 will get together over 700 companies, universities, laboratories, research centers and also industrialists, politicians and investors.

The event is organized by the non-profit organization Phantoms Foundation, Catholic University Luvana (Belgium), Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology ICN and French National Center for Scientific Research CNRS. I am very much looking forward to reporting about this major event.

How to start investing in Small and Medium Enterprises?
Put simply, the best thing to do is to get out there. If you have got money, go find an experienced angel investor who wants to help you. Learn by doing. Don’t procrastinate, just go for it! But… if you want to read and watch some interesting stuff before taking the plunge I highly recommend the following:

– Read Venture Capitalists at Work 
– Watch YouTube clips about start-ups, angel investing and venture capital
– Last but not least you can search online where you’ll find an overwhelming amount of shared knowledge

But why start with Venture Capitalists at Work? Well that’s quite simple, it was where I started and it was this book that inspired me to dig much deeper and also to start this blog. I honestly could not recommend it enough!

Let’s only invest in this thing we call graphene
The undertitle of my blog is borrowed/paraphrased from an interview with Ron Conway, a renowned business angel from Silicon Valley. If not all, I’d urge you to watch from 57 seconds into the interview when he divulges ‘the best decision he has ever made from a macro point-of-view’. I won’t be (nor do I want to be!) the next Ron Conway, but the man is without a doubt a huge inspiration for anyone who wants to invest in start-up companies. To find out more about Ron Conway, check this article.

Venture and VC
Venture = a new activity, usually in business, which involves risk or uncertainty
VC = Venture Capital = money that is invested or is available for investment in a new company, especially a risky one

(Source: Cambridge Advanced)

Innovative products
Every once in a while I’ll post videos and pictures of exciting new commercial products that feature graphene. Today I’ll kick off with Samsung’s idea of a graphene-based mobile device. Pretty cool, eh!?



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