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The Green Road Starts In The Black Earth

Earlier this week I wrote that anyone who wants to share knowledge in one way or another is a potential reader of Graphene Ventures. This means I will actually be writing for a broader audience than I originally thought. So the question I am left with is: how can I make this blog more engaging and … Continue reading

Current obsessions

I read a post by Brad Feld that’s related to the post I wrote earlier this week. I’ve been trying to put up blinders myself in the past few weeks to find out what I am really interested in. Here’s what I’m currently obsessed about: – The emerging collaborative group of bankers, politicians, academics, commercial and industrial … Continue reading

Rapid iteration

It’s been a while since my last post. For those of you who thought I was suffering from blogger’s block already, do not worry! Fortunately that has not been the case. Previously I wrote in my about section on rapid iteration and that’s basically what has happened behind the scenes since my last post.