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Books about startups and investing

This Summer I’ve been reading some excellent books about entrepreneurship and investing in startups. I highly recommend these books to anyone who wants to start a company or anyone who aspires to invest in startups: – The Founder’s Dillemmas – The Startup Game – Mastering the VC Game – The Innovator’s Dilemma Next book on … Continue reading

Why I love the Summer Doldrums

It’s been quiet on this blog for a while. That’s because I’ve used the Summer Doldrums to exercise due diligence in my research into investment opportunities. Time and again this is the perfect period to (re)discover new companies, especially on the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture (TSX-V). Here are five companies I’m very excited about these days: 1. Focus Graphite / … Continue reading

Venture Deals

Nowadays I immerse myself in books, blogs and podcasts about venture capital and angel investing. Last weekend I read an excellent book called Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist. All the praise this book has received on the web is well deserved. The authors bring a level of transparency to a process that … Continue reading

Equity-based crowdfunding and investing in graphene

In the past two weeks I have continued my in-depth research into equity-based crowdfunding and I can tell you that my thoughts have actually developed somewhat from what they were initially. I am now convinced that crowdfunding is going to play a significant role in the world of early stage funding, despite all the risks … Continue reading

Something Ventured

Something Ventured is a fascinating documentary that inspired me to dig deeper. The movie follows the stories of the venture capitalists who worked with entrepreneurs to start and build companies like Apple, Intel, Genentech, Cisco, Atari, Tandem, and others. If you are interested in tech and/or investing I highly recommend this movie!

Words of wisdom

Here’s an articulate, thoughtful and comprehensive piece about the tech bubble debate. I’d like to quote a paragraph I think every investor should remember: “No one can predict macro trends. The bear case includes: something bad happens to the economy (Euro collapses, US enters double dip recession). The warning sign here will be a drop … Continue reading

Writing English that is fit to print

“These days, the ability to communicate effectively in English – also in writing – is an essential skill for anyone who wants to work in an international environment. It is no longer enough to ‘make do’ with the English you learned at secondary school or that you may have picked up along the way since … Continue reading

Equity-based crowdinvesting: disruption of the finance industry?

As someone who aspires to invest in start-ups and medium sized enterprises I’m very much interested in crowdfunding. More specifically, in equity-based crowdinvesting. The Wall Street Journal recently covered most of the pros and cons of equity-based crowdinvesting.

Lessons I Learnt

At first investing in mining seems as daunting as any other investment, but once you begin to understand the basics you can earn a lot of money when you keep a long-term perspective. Here are three factors I have found to be most important when assessing junior mining companies.

The Green Road Starts In The Black Earth

Earlier this week I wrote that anyone who wants to share knowledge in one way or another is a potential reader of Graphene Ventures. This means I will actually be writing for a broader audience than I originally thought. So the question I am left with is: how can I make this blog more engaging and … Continue reading